Tahamia is known for her original abstract style.  Abstract art does not strive to create accurate representations of any forms or objects.  abstract art is the picture of human emotions. Tahamia's style is unique, surprising confident and unpredictable.  She utilizes many different types of medium and collage to achieve her vision. 

Ruth Munson - Bill Kalwick - Patrick Palmer - Karen Garrett - Salli Babbitt - Jo Anna Arnett - Ann Templeton - Joan Stieman - Paula Roland - Bill Dennard - Charlotte Cosgrove - Kelli Allison - Suzanne Mann. These are some of the artists who have mentored and influenced Tahamia.

Tahamia has served on the board of directors and has been a major fund raiser for the Art League of Houston, a community arts organization and the first alternative art space in Texas.  She continually strives to give back to the arts community. She mentors up and coming artists through the Houston Civics Art Association and has exhibited and donated works of her art to benefit numerous community service projects including the Art League of Houston and the Lawndale Art Center.


Individual Collectors

Mr. & Mrs. Drayton McLane
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dyke
Thompson & Knight LLP
Bob Palhka
Tammy Bateman
Mr. and Mrs Dan Rizzo
Cindy Perini
Mr & Mrs George Howard
Christine Winn Powell
Dr F L Ernest
Bradley E Odem
Denise Thierry, Esq
Judy Worley
Mr & Mrs Ken Echols
Pati & KC Jones
Steve and Jacalyn Warner
Terryca & Bob Fuller
Nancy Kerby
Susan Duff
Hillary and Hayley Duff
Dr & Mrs Don Owens
Jan Larsen
Diana Olivera
Jack Amschwand
Michael Bell
Rod & Moriah Crosby
Susie Streller
Sterling and Marianne McCal
Jonathan Riche
Tony & Michel Marchbanks
Lonnie & Pat Duff
Sarah McClean
Robert Spain
Janelle & Jackson Hooper
Julie Heveran
Candice & Nick Goodwin
John Saragusa
Gee & Suzanna Kane
Texas Country Music Hall of Fame